Applications are open
Participant contribution — 11$ for teamwork
5,5$ for individual work up to 5 minutes

If you have any questions about filling out the form and participating in the festival, contact us on any social network.
In section 3 of the application you must attach the following files:
poster/stills from the film trailer or piece of work lasting 15-60 secondsa file indicating the names of the actors and the roles they perform, as well as a photo
      1 part. Basic information about the job.
      Movie title
      Will be indicated on the diploma
      File sharing, Yandex /Google disk, YouTube channel.
      Announcement, genre, direction, year of release, timing
      Part 2. Contact details.
      If you want us to tag you when we publish your work. Not required to be filled out.
      We will send you prizes and/or participant swag if you are unable to attend the awards ceremony.
      Part 3. Additional materials for work.
      Do you allow us to publish your work on our social networks?
      We always publish a poster, trailer and announcement, but the full-length version is only with permission.
      Additional materials.

      Please attach the following files below:
      1. Poster/shot from the work - we will use it when publishing on social networks.
      2. A trailer or a piece of work lasting 15-60 seconds - we will use it at the closing of the festival.
      3. A file indicating the names of the actors and the roles they play, as well as photos - this way we can prepare diplomas with awards in the "best actor" categories.
      Attach up to 10 files
      Part 4 Payment.
      The participant contribution can be made using the following details::

      Recipient bank: АО "АЛЬФА-БАНК" БИК 044525593
      Recipient's TIN 9723099541
      Recipient checkpoint 772301001
      Recipient's account number r/s 40703 810 3 0181 0000032
      Purpose of the transfer: donation for statutory activities - holding the Kinosha Film Festival. (must be specified)
      Or to the card: 5197477232551202 ANO TE-ART
      You can attach a screenshot of payment of the fee here :)
      Participant contribution — 11$ for teamwork 5,5$ for individual work up to 5 minutes
      Our jury
      • Elizaveta Trusevich
        Chairman of the jury
        Film director, screenwriter, writer, playwright, member of the Union of Writers of Russia, teacher of film history and screenwriting at the Higher School of Television of Moscow State University. M. V. Lomonosov and the Humanitarian Institute of Television named after. M. A. Litovchina
      • Sergey Fevralev
        Honorary member of the jury
        Theater and film artist, member of the Union of Cinematographers of Russia, Laureate of the National Film Criticism and Film Press Award "White Elephant", Winner of the National Film Award "Golden Eagle", twice winner of the Nika Film Award
      • Henrietta Bagdasarova
        Jury member
        Actress, director, creative producer. Member of the Union of Cinematographers of Russia, the Guild of Casting Directors.
      • Андрей Кузнецов
        Jury member
        Director, actor, musician, composer, teacher. Organizer and participant of numerous theatrical productions, films and variety shows. Founder and director of the Maestro School of Art in New York.
      • Lolita Naranovich
        Jury member
        Director, screenwriter, publicist. Published on the website "Pravoslavie.ru". He makes feature films and videos on social and Orthodox topics. Producer of the service "Mercy".
      Popular questions
      Here we have collected popular questions about the festival. If you don't find the answer, write to us at kinoshafestival@mail.ru.
      • Who can take part?
        A children's creative team or an individual child with their own film/cartoon filmed over the past two years.
        Since Season 8, we have also accepted student work.
      • How will I receive a prize if I do not live in Russia?
        We send awards and souvenirs to festival participants in all countries.
      • How to participate?
        Fill out the form and pay the membership fee according to the specified details.
      History of the film festival
      The organizer and director of the film festival is actress and director Olga Gomon-Pronina.
      The international film festival grew out of a school competition at the "Kinosha" film school and united many Russian-speaking schools and studios from various countries.
      We strive to preserve and develop Russian heritage.
      Children not only from Russian-speaking countries, but also from Europe and the USA take part in our festival.
      In particular, they create interschool works, for example, the winner in season 7 was the film "100 Steps", made by studios from Germany, Russia and Belarus.
      In season 8, guys from Iran took part in a special category. In addition, from 2023 we began to accept student work.
      "Kinosha" unites people of all ages around the world. Join us.
      We are waiting for you too!

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